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Prosthetic treatment is the application of substitutes for amputated parts, which restore their functions and cosmesis, and to aid balance and development. Orthotic treatment is the application of dynamic and static splints, braces and slings directly and externally to the client's body. Its aim is to support, correct or compensate for a skeletal deformity, fracture or weakness however caused.


Common Conditions & Applications :

Prosthesis Related

  • Upper Limb and Lower Limb Cosmetic Prosthesis
  • Upper Limb and Lower Limb Functional Prosthesis


Other Services


Orthosis Related

  • Insoles for Flat Foot
  • Insoles for Heel, Arch or Knee Pain
  • Hallux Valgus Splint
  • Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)
  • Knee Brace
  • Spinal Brace